Our Staff

Executive Director 


Nicole has been a champion for children and families for over 15 years, working in various capacities in the non-profit sector. She is passionate and dedicated to improving the lives and shifting the perspectives of the community. She never stops trying to find solutions and will always fight for what she knows is right. 

Program Manager 


Rebecka was one of the first employees at the GOALS Center, she has been working with students and families regarding concerns that affect attendance for almost ten years. She is has a great deal of knowledge as well as a drive to help others succeed. 

Evaluation and Development Manager 


Chelsey has worked in the non-profit community for fifteen years in various capacities. She loves the help her community and provides support and guidance through data evaluation and a growth mindset. 

Family Advocate


James has been with GOALS for over seven years. An artist turned case-manager, he brings a sense of calm to the families and students he works with. James is a man of few words, but with a wealth of knowledge and direction. 

Family Advocate


Yvone has been with GOALS for five years. She is bilingual and goes above and beyond when supporting students and their families. She connects with students of all ages through her kind and direct nature. 

Family Advocate


Lydia has been working in the Omaha non-profit community for many years. She has a wide knowledge of the community and all of the resources it has to offer. Lydia is also a life coach and it shows in her ability to help people of all ages reach their potential. 

Family Advocate


Jasmine has worked in human service for many years and has a big heart for helping families overcome barriers to attendance. She is an active member of the community and you will often find her out doing volunteer work. She offers deep insight in a gracious way. 

Intake Specialist 


Andria has worked in libraries and museums. She has a great mind for organization and can learn a new system quickly. She has a can do spirit and is always willing to help a team member. 

Family Advocate

Traci Ford

Traci, our newest Family Advocate, has worked in human services for much of her career, she has also spent sometime working in early childhood education. Traci is kind and patient and ready to work! She also owns an online clothing boutique! 

3215 Cuming Street

Omaha, NE 68131