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Frequently Asked Questions


Is this program mandatory?

The GOALS Family Advocate program is completely voluntary. The GOALS Center works with families and students to determine the needs of the family. Working together to form a plan, families can decline services at any time. 


How Long will my child/student be involved in this program?

Students and their families typically work with Family Advocates for six to twelve months. 


Where will you meet with me? Where will you meet with my child/student? 

Family Advocates typically meet with students at their schools. Family Advocates typically meet with families and caregivers in the family home unless families prefer to meet at a location in the community. Since Covid-19, many visits have moved to a virtual platform. All Family Advocates pass a background check. 


What benefits do you offer? 

Family Advocates coordinate with community agencies to connect families to resources such as therapy, transportation, and basic needs. Family Advocates offer families an evidence based assessment to help guide the service plans. GOALS does not provide any monetary support for students or families, including gift cards, or transportation, however Family Advocates have access to many resources in the community.  


Who can refer a student? 

GOALS primarily receives referrals from school staff such as social workers, counselors, student support liaisons, and even teachers or principals. Referrals can also be made directly by parents and community organizations. 


What qualifications for involvement are there? 

GOALS works with students from all 11 public school districts in Douglas and Sarpy Counties. GOALS is best utilized after schools have implemented their own interventions and find that an intensive case-management approach would be helpful. Students from Kindergarten through twelfth grade are accepted.


How will I know if my student is accepted for the Family Advocate program?

School referring parties will be notified when a student has been accepted into the program. Parents will then be contacted by the Family Advocate and a meeting will be set up within 5 days of acceptance. 


I still have more questions, can I speak with someone about GOALS? 

Of course, GOALS staff are available to answer any questions you may have Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM. You can reach us by phone at 402-980-7812 or by email at 

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