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Elevate Program

Wraparound service through community partnership.

To support students & families in addressing barriers, in the school, home, and community, experienced by the entire family that contribute to chronic absenteeism.
And reduce racial and ethnic disparities in the number of youths and families, experiencing poverty and chronic absenteeism to increase school engagement/academic achievement

Our Mission

To match evidenced-based programming with established providers that posses a specialized skill set for an inclusive and innovative approach to families. By coordinating tactics to bring community-based support to a common area of need for students and families to:
• Increase school attendance
• Decrease court or “formal system” involvement
for kids and caregivers for reasons related to chronic absenteeism
• Increase access to specialized, affordable, and
sustainable medical/dental/behavioral health services for the entire family
• Reduce racial and ethnic disparities in the number
of youth and families, experiencing poverty and chronic absenteeism to increase school engagement/academic achievement for youth of color

Work With Us!

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Non-system involved (child welfare/juvenile justice) children and families
• Enrolled and attending (at referral) the following middle & high schools:

King Science Middle, Monroe Middle, Benson High, & North High
• Student is in grades 6th – 9th 
• Families experiencing poverty (receiving free & reduced lunch)
• Families must meet program referral criteria at the time of referral. Program will continue to serve families, regardless of any change in family’s circumstance, through case closure.

• Considerations will be made on a case-by-case basis
• Student was identified as chronically absent last school year and a new pattern of
absenteeism is presenting Impact

Call: (402) 980-7812

Program Partners:

Concord Mediation Logo.PNG

Concord Mediation Center offers evidence and needs-based mediation and facilitation services for individuals, families, businesses, and communities looking to restore peace of mind, address issues, and improve their well-being by addressing conflict. Concord will conduct the initial meeting, Family Restorative Conference to determine needs and strengths of the family.


Urban League Nebraska is building a resilient North Omaha through strategic partnerships, generous giving and community engagement that helps our clients navigate their challenges and negotiate solutions. Urban League will provide services to students at school, meeting with them weekly to check in on attendance and goal setting

goals logo.PNG

The GOALS Center works with students and their families. Services are aimed at addressing the root causes of absenteeism. We know that absences are often tied to health conditions, family situations, poverty, and other factors that are beyond a student's control. GOALS will work directly with the family in their home to develop service plan and conduct evidence-based assessments.

Charles Drew Logo.PNG

Charles Drew Health Center, Inc. (CDHC) has provided needed health care to families in Omaha, Nebraska since 1983. Over the years, the number of insured and uninsured patients we serve has steadily grown, as has our health care services. CDHC is a FTCA Deemed Facility. Charles Drew will be a resource for families who are engaged with Elevate. Elevate staff will work with Charles Drew to ensure the families mental and physical health needs are being met.

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